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Alex’s Commentary

One fundamental truth of this life and the approaching glory is the lordship of the Triune God of the Universe. It may be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and downright disruptive. Still, nothing changes the reality that we are entirely dependent on His Person and Work, i.e., we depend on His Beauty for our very life and existence. The passage we are considering reminds us – and other sections of Scripture confirm – that the Spirit of Christ makes us alive, with His power and tender care expressed, sometimes, with miracles. Alive by the Spirit, we now delight in knowing Him and in the certainty that He knows and loves us.


For Your Consideration

  • What images come to your mind when considering what being alive means?
  • React to this statement, “our sin distorts our view of reality.”
  • How is being alive by the Spirit moving you toward repentance?
  • How are you expressing humility and thankfulness for the life you have received?
  • How have you experienced both His lordship and tender care in the life He gives you?


Extra Credit

What is the most significant barrier for us to admit our deadness?


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