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Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

Alex’s Commentary

 It is God’s grace that makes all the difference. By His grace, He circumcises our hearts, producing in us love for Him and His commandments and statutes. By His grace, He keeps the requirements of His holiness and expresses His compassion toward us. By His grace, He provides communion with us, making us real brothers and sisters. But unfortunately, our pride-idolatry will always try to remove His grace from the equation, attempting to convince us that our circumstances and emotions are the starting point of reality. Cheap imitations of glory, fake comfort, and excuses for our frustration are all the shortcuts offered to us by our enemies – mainly our sin. Yet, hope and peace, delight and fulfillment, and the certainty of our residency in glory with Him are what His Beauty makes available to us. 

It is the grace of the Triune God that makes all the difference.


For Your Consideration

  • Why would a transactional relationship with God make more sense from the human perspective?
  • React to this statement: “When life’s frustrations come, instead of questioning our hearts, we play logic gymnastics to justify our actions.” 
  • What does choosing life (loving Him, obeying His voice, holding fast to Him) look like in your daily affairs?
  • What is the relationship between holiness and communion with the Triune God?
  • How should we express our love for His holiness if we cannot wholly obtain it in this life?


Extra Credit

  • What is the evidence that you love His holiness and are mortified by your sin?


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