Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Alex’s Commentary

I am always surprised by how much richer and more profound the Gospel is, compared to what my distorted view of reality tells me it should be. The Apostle affirms much when he says the riches of His glory were hidden to rebellious hearts until His word was clearly preached. Then, the magnitude of the Good News was on full display: Through the power of God the Holy Spirit, all the benefits of His Beauty are in us – including His intimate presence – and this reality gives us certainty (biblical hope) regarding our place in glory. From this plentiful state, we can now serve others fearlessly, finding joy even in suffering if such suffering helps others to see His Beauty. 


For Your Consideration.

  • What gives you a sense of plenty? How is your participation in this life affected by such a state?
  • In prayer, consider Colossians 1:24; how is this a description of your love for His people? How is it not?
  • How can you prove to those around you that “there are enough M&Ms for everyone”?
  • React to this phrase, “Your passport is ready, your visa has been granted, the airfare has been paid for!” 
  • How can you keep considering the proper theology and anthropology when engaging the here and now?


Extra Credit

  • What makes you forget the blessed state of knowing that Christ is in you, that His presence is your hope of glory?


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