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Photo by The AIRDEEz on Unsplash

Alex’s Commentary

Jehovah is like no one else: He is the only True Living God; He is far, different than anything else, and uncontainable by creation; He is near, He is God with us. He fills Heavens and Earth – again, the text declaring His transcendence and immanence. And we can’t hide from Him – yes, a source of mortification for when we sin but, simultaneously, the certainty of His sweet and loving care for our time of need.

This is the Truth. Starting at any other place to make sense of life would be a crime.


For Your Consideration

  • What makes life so important to demand we start with the Truth to address its challenges?
  • How is the Person and Work of the Triune God under attack now?
  • How can the Truth be verified?
  • What evidence is there in your life supporting His transcendence and immanence?
  • What price are we called to pay in proclaiming the Truth?


Extra Credit

  • How is the mission of Christos Community upholding the Truth?


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