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Alex’s Commentary

To engage in the renewal of all things, we must follow the sequence, priority, and perspective the Gospel provides. To be part of the Spirit’s work in redeeming culture, we first start with our hearts; we must look for evidence that Truth is taking root in us. We must be able to see how the Spirit of Christ is producing humility, compassion, and generosity from within each of us. Then, the next priority should not be necessary the solution of a particular problem but the establishment of His kingdom. To this end, every opportunity for cultural engagement becomes an opportunity to show how His kingdom will look once He establishes it permanently. Finally, we must keep a perspective that includes the rapidly approaching glory. Some issues require we use a temporary metric; others require an eternal metric. Knowing when to use one or the other is a sign of His faithful work in us, a sign of Christian maturity.


For Your Consideration

  • What is wrong with the here and now?
  • What are other “options” to stand in the tension between this life and the approaching glory?
  • What does “cultivate gardens but buy a piece of land” look like in your life?
  • What is the biggest challenge to sharing His grace and upholding His justice-authority?
  • React to this statement, “Our limited view of reality and Scripture fuels our Frustration.”


Extra Credit

  • What injustice is the LORD asking you to confront? Why? What metric should you use? How is this fight an opportunity for you to say, “Look, this is how His Kingdom will look!”?
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