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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Alex’s Commentary

As important as they are, our desire and appreciation for freedom and options often resonate with our enemies’ attempts to give us a shortcut, a “faster and better” way to find identity and purpose. They insist on convincing us that it is possible to obtain here and now what eternity offers.

It is not.

Our hearts, by design, long for what is glorious and eternal… for the One Who Alone is Glorious and Eternal.

Reminded by the application of the Law, calling sin what it is, Paul acknowledges that God’s grace is the only difference between him and those freely practicing disobedience; he was a sinner, and now he is a sinner saved by the Person and the Works of the Triune God. Therefore, it should not surprise us that the Apostle encapsulates his new identity and purpose with thankfulness and adoration.


For Your Consideration

  • What are some popular options for identity and purpose?
  • What evidence do you see of how the Spirit connects this life with the approaching glory?
  • React to this phrase, “Our wealth allows us to live with fake realities and temporarily endure Frustration.”
  • What is an example of His perfect patience for you? How can that example be more evident for others to see it?
  • How does 1 Timothy 1:12-17 contradicts accepted cultural preferences regarding self-esteem?


Extra Credit

  • How is the purpose of being an example of His perfect patience compatible with our call to be instruments of cultural redemption?
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