Photo by Attentie Attentie on Unsplash

Alex’s Commentary

The Triune God will never apologize for exalting His name and showing us grace, compassion, and love. No matter how much it offends our sensitivities or how much stress it inflicts on our cultural and ideological preferences, the Truth is that He alone is LORD over everything and everyone.

Our enemies – including our sin – are hard at work trying to convince us of a fake reality, a boxed view of glory and eternity tailored to our pride-idolatry… but here comes our Champion! He fights for us, not in an attempt to rescue and restore us (that He is victorious is a given) but to demonstrate our rebellion’s desperate situation, highlighting the reach of His grace, mercy, and love.

Christian, rejoice!!! He is the Victorious Champion you want and needs; nothing will ever change this Truth.


For Your Consideration

  • How does it feel to know He will never cease fighting for you?
  • How should we respond to the certainty of His love for us?
  • What are the three things we should do when we don’t hear Him saying, “You are mine!”?
  • How does His work of salvation for you is a fight against all odds?
  • How do we corrupt the Story of Redemption, making it all about us and our preferences?


Extra Credit

  • How is the Lordship of Jehovah in conflict with cultural preferences and ideologies prevalent in our country today? How do you contribute?


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