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Alex’s Commentary

It should not surprise us that when recording the LORD’s message, John uses the word agape to describe the love we must have for one another in a congregation of His Church; this is the kind of love God has for His people, and He requires that we similarly love others. By using Himself as the standard – a “normal operation procedure” for the Triune God – He highlights the scope and depth of His work of redemption in us. Because the Gospel is True, because it can reach as far as the curse of sin can be found, there is only one way for Christians to love one another.

Agape love should be a “normal operation procedure” for us all in His Church.


For Your Consideration

  • Remember the time you first knew you were saved. How did you express your first love, then?
  • Why is it easy to forget your first love?
  • React to this statement, “The absence of agape love disqualifies us as a congregation of His Church.”
  • What are some expressions of Gnosticism currently accepted in our culture?
  • How is “remember how far you have fallen” connected to the Spiritual Self-checks promoted by Christos Shepherding Compact?


Extra Credit

  • How can you Remember, Repent, and Do? How can your Small Community assist you in this endeavor?


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