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Alex’s Commentary

Holy Scripture has two characteristics often overlooked: the details (texture) of daily (real) life and blunt honesty. These characteristics point to the fact that the Triune God works within reality, i.e., there is no reason for make-believe, let’s-pretend, this-some-times-works kind of attitude when approaching the LORD. NOTE: the presence in Scripture of honest conversations between the Almighty and a creature should not be considered anything else but a clear expression of His mercy, compassion, and generosity; it is never a license for the creature (us) to show arrogance or disrespect. It is with this honesty, in the context of the entire reality, that Jehovah says to us: “Look at the unbelievable work I am doing in your heart!”

Church, let’s remember and celebrate and hold on to Pentecost. We are in constant need of the Spirit’s work within.


For Your Consideration

  • How often do you have humble and honest conversations with God? What triggers them?
  • React to this statement, “Reality must not be denied; our hearts must be questioned.”
  • What are the reasons it is easy to forget His persistent presence in daily life?
  • What do you think about this phrase, “Frustration comes from our attempts to find in the here & now what only eternity and glory can provide.”
  • How deep is your appreciation for the Means of His grace? Can you see His Beauty through them? How?


Extra Credit

  • How much do you desire Him, the Spirit of the Living God?


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