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“Put on Christ, this includes all. Put on the righteousness of Christ for justification; be found in him (Phil. 3:9) as a man is found in his clothes; put on the priestly garments of the elder brother, that in them you may obtain the blessing. Put on the spirit and grace of Christ for sanctification; put on the new man (Eph. 4:24); get the habit of grace confirmed, the acts of it quickened.” Jesus Christ is the best clothing for Christians to adorn themselves with, to arm themselves with; it is decent, distinguishing, dignifying, and defending. Without Christ, we are naked, deformed; all other things are filthy rags, fig-leaves, a sorry shelter. God has provided us coats of skins—large, strong, warm, and durable. By baptism we have in profession put on Christ, Gal. 3:27. Let us do it in truth and sincerity. The Lord Jesus Christ. “Put him on as Lord to rule you, as Jesus to save you, and in both as Christ, anointed and appointed by the Father to this ruling saving work.”

Henry, M. (1994). Matthew Henry’s commentary on the whole Bible: complete and unabridged in one volume (p. 2231). Hendrickson.


For Your Consideration

  • What are some accepted cultural patterns you are now questioning because “the day is at hand”?
  • How can you approach this week differently because “… salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed”?
  • How is the proximity of the Consummation of our salvation an encouragement to strive for holiness?
  • What are some good excuses not to pay attention to the place Providence has designated for us within the Story of Redemption?
  • In what ways are we asleep, not aware that “… the night is far gone”?


Extra Credit

  • How do you put on Jesus Christ? How does Communion with Him give you aspect, faculty, and definition?
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