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The passage points to two common mistakes in our Christian walk: first, our tendency to deal with real life without considering the glorious and eternal; second, our pretense of the perfect, problem-free discipleship path. The Beauty of the LORD is such that His Gospel does not retreat from the here and now but provides everything to engage it and confront it. In His mercy and wisdom, He uses the Means of His Grace to give us knowledge and strength so that we may find what part our lives play in His work of Redemption; because His grace made us instruments in His hands, we can be part of the fulfillment of His promises. This is the best way to live while waiting for His return.



  • What do you do with your fear?
  • How have the Means of His Grace provided knowledge and strength for you?
  • Describe a time when God used your fear, suffering, and sorrow to comfort others.
  • In this passage, the glorious (the Incarnation!!!) and the mundane (Joseph and Mary’s fears) converged; how does this make Scripture a source of comfort for us now?
  • What are some accommodations made by the culture that directly oppose the Truth?



  • How could the LORD use some of the challenges you currently face to help others see Him clearly?


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