The Ministry of the Word

September 23th, 2012

Faith, our call to action

Genesis 15

Main point. Faith is a gift from God – not something we can develop in our own – that tells a lot about our condition and His beauty. This faith always produces a desire to be closer to Him.


What to do with it?

  • We all have some.
  • Some misunderstandings
  • A gift, not a natural product


A very telling gift

  • Generosity
  • Total assurance
  • Meaningful
  • Seals and symbols


Along came life

  • The big test
  • Questions, and more questions
  • Sin : natural environment for growth


Back to the Giver

  • Comparing realities
  • Never blind, always with evidence
  • He is not afraid, because He is able
  • He is not afraid, because He is willing


Yelling from the rooftops

  • A gift that produces action.
  • Waiting for the future, but engaged with the present.


For this week : Talk to God about where He wants to take you. Then, ask Him to increase your faith in Him accordingly.