For the next few sermons, we will be looking at Hebrews 3:7 – 4:2, as we continue with our series on that book of the Bible. It’s a fascinating portion of Scripture, with a focus on our response to the extraordinary truths that have been presented, regarding Jesus Christ.


These are very brief summaries and notes of the sermons that I’m preparing, based on this passage.


I. A radical response is expected, but do not fear: He has made His Beauty visible, providing what we need to fulfill that call.

II. It’s radical because of what we are called to do (not to harden our hearts, take care of one another), and where we are called to do it (in Christian community)

III. It’s radical because of its scope : here & now, and until we enter His peace.


Again, Christian community is different – and challenging – because…

… this is what we do : take care, exhort, fear

… this is why we do it : we have come to share in Christ

… this is when we do it: from now and until eternity comes.


Gracia & Paz