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We are in need of volunteers to help us with our nursery, on Sunday mornings. With the blessing of having so many little children, the need to provide care for them has grown.
Here you have a description for this service opportunity.

Nursery workers

    Son-shine room – age newborn to 17 months
    Alabanza room –  age 18 months to 2 years old
    Discovery Zone – ages 3 & 4 years old
  • Scheduled once a month, on a rotation
  • Schedule is managed by the nursery administrator and the worker is reminded of his rotation via email or text
  • Schedule is flexible and swaps are handled by the administrator
  • Workers report to their classrooms at the end of the table of fellowship and work until the end of service
  • Responsibilities’ are to care for the children and to keep them safe and content until the parents return which depending on the age range may consist of activities like sign in/out, changing diapers, taking child to the potty, rocking an infant, reading to the children, etc.)
  • Additional responsibilities include straightening up the classroom and shutting the doors when finished.
  • There is no prep work for any of the workers with the exception of the Discovery Zone teacher
  • Workers need to complete a one time background check and read the training manual and agree to comply with the rules/regulations of the nursery prior to working in the classrooms
  • Workers can specify which age range if they have a preference and/or whether they would prefer to teach in the Discovery Zone or not. The majority of the need is for care givers only.
  • There is one slot currently open in the Discovery zone for a teacher.
  • Additionally we have need for substitutes and/or people that can work 3 to 6 weeks of the year, for those that can not work monthly.
For those interested in teaching
  • The Discovery Zone has one person per week that is responsible for preparing and giving a short bible lesson.  The other worker is an assistant and there is no prep work involved.
  • In the near future, curriculum will be provided for the Discovery Zone and the teacher will just need to prep to teach.
If interested, please contact Tammy.
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