Sin is something very, very serious. And one, of the many, consequences of sin is that it robs me of my humanity. Ezekiel 37 presents a clear picture of me, without God. I am done. Dead. Dry… actually, very dry. Without anything that resembles life. I am not human, not in the way and scope God has designed me to be. And I bring all this dryness to every single aspect of my life. It touches and stains everything. I am not human. Sin brings me so low that, by myself, I do not want to come up again; I like it down there, in the dryness of spiritual death. I am not human.

But then, God the Holy Spirit comes, and He brings me back to life! He does the impossible, and puts me back together. The dryness is gone, I am spiritual alive… I am human! But He does not stops there, He comes to live in me! We are now united, together, I am complete. And it gets better, because now that I am human (alive), and that He abides in me, He allows me to know Him better. And that, beloved, to know that He is the LORD, is the purpose of my life. From that knowledge stems all the changes that my heart requires to love Him and love my neighbor.