This week Alex is preaching from John 10 and he is focusing on the fact that God has demonstrated His love for us in many ways.  We are loved.

What struck me most about the passages was in verse 10:10.  “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  When picking music this week, I focused on songs that celebrate the love Christ has show us, the life that has been given us and the fact that we live that life right now.  Yes, we hope for Heaven and being face-to-face with the Lord then.  But we still have today to live.  Let’s live it well.


Prelude:  This Life:  Listen

  1. Me Has Atraido Jesús:  I was unable to find a good recording for this on YouTube.
  2. Oh Amor Que No Me Dejarás:  Listen
  3. Arise, My Soul, Arise:  Listen
  4. Amor Como Fuego:  Listen
  5. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us:  Listen