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This week the passage is Ephesians 2:14-16 and we are focusing on real unity and community.

The truest community I have ever experienced was at college.  What made it so great?  Anytime you had a problem, emotional or spiritual, or if you were just bored and needed a friend to blow off some steam with, there was almost always someone around.  What made our particular community great was that there was little to no pretense and little to no judging.  We were who we were and it was ok.  I look back now at the fairly eclectic group of individuals who bonded so well and I am grateful that the Lord brought us together.

I trust that that will not be the last time I experience that level of community.  Indeed, I already feel like it is growing at Christos.  It is not as easy and fast as it was in college.  We all have more responsibilities and fewer opportunities.  But, if you grasp these opportunities and stick with it, you may surprise yourself with the freedom you discover in true community.

1.  Oh Moradora
2.  Canten al Rey
3.  They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love
4.  Fellowship So Deep
5.  Unidos
6.  Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble
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