The passage for the sermon this week is Titus 3:4-7.  The main themes are salvation and restoration.
1.  Amor Como Fuego
     When I think of fire, I think of it’s ability to take metal, which is rigid, and to melt it down until the impurities are removed and then it can be shaped into whichever form the artisan desires.  God loves us with that type of love.

2.  From the Inside Out – Bilingual
     God’s love consumes us and remakes us from the inside out until the cry of our heart is bring him praise.

3.  Not What My Hands Have Done
     This ties directly in with Titus 3:4.  We are saved and restored not by our own hands, but by the Father.
4.  Renuévame
     This is a prayer asking that God would come and renew us.
5.  All Creatures of Our God and King

6.  Llenas Mi Ser