It has been five sermons, so far, on the book of Acts. We are going one chapter per week, and there you will find a summary of the main points and challenges, up to chapter 5.



The One Point : The great King is enthroned, and he is calling us to a great task (to be His witnesses) because of his great provision : God the Holy Spirit.

The challenge : When we ‘testify’… Whose reputation are we building up, ours or His?



T.O.P.: God the Holy Spirit can (and does!) restore the human heart back to a full fellowship with God, all because of the completed work of God the Son.

The challenge : Ask the Spirit to allow you to see more of His beauty, this week.



T.O.P.: God the Holy Spirit provides real, tangible evidence of His work of restoration in us.

The challenge: Ask the Spirit to help you in the area of your life you need His help the most : Knowing Him, Applying your gifts, or Sharing your story with others.



T.O.P.: Submission and Unity : two supernatural products of the work of the Spirit in us.

The challenge : What would submission and unity look like for you, this week?



T.O.P.: Because of the work of God the Holy Spirit, we can worship God well.

The challenge : On what grounds are you approaching Him?