C3 Kids Schedule

Here is the upcoming Agape Service schedule for C3 Kids…

King’s Kids

Holiday weekend?DateKing's Kids Lesson #King's Kids Teacher
Tentatively May 173 Fall curriculumGoodmans
Tentatively May 244 Fall curriculumBob
5th SundayTentatively May 315 Fall CurriculumAlan
Tentatively June 77 Fall curriculumJulie
Tentatively June 148 Fall curriculumBob


Guerreros de Cristo

Holiday weekend?DateGuerreros lesson #Guerreros teacher
Tentatively May 1726Ludi
Tentatively May 2427Mandy
5th SundayTentatively May 3128Mandy
Tentatively June 729Goodmans
Tentatively June 1430Leslie
Tentatively June 2131Ludi

Discovery Zone

Holiday weekend?DateDZ lesson #DZ teacher
Tentatively May 1711Sara L.
Tentatively May 2412Keilah
5th SundayTentatively May 3113Sara L.
Tentatively June 7TBDYudith
Tentatively June 14TBDAlcira
Tentatively June 21TBDSara L.


Holiday weekend?DateAlabanza lesson #Alabanza teacher
Tentatively May 171Pilar
Tentatively May 242Alma
5th SundayTentatively May 313Miriam & Jordyn
Tentatively June 74Paul
Tentatively June 145Miriam & Jordyn
Tentatively Tentatively June 216Pilar


Holiday weekend?DateAdmin/Floater
Tentatively May 17Helen
Tentatively May 24Jessica
5th SundayTentatively May 31Helen
Tentatively June 7Ashley
Tentatively June 14Cicely
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