There are some great songs that express the hope and anticipation we have for our coming king.  My favorite for the Christmas season is O Come, O Come Emmanuel.  Put yourself in the shoes of the Israelites.  It had been 400 years since God had raised up a prophet through which to speak to the people.  The last they had heard, God was coming to rescue them.  That was 400 years ago.

To make that comparable for us, it was nearly 400 years ago that the Mayflower sailed to what would one day become Massachusetts.

And over that time, silence.  No news from home.  That is the state of the heart in which O Come, O Come Emmanuel was intended to capture.  You can hear the longing in the melody, especially when played by a lonely violin.

Our present day situation isn’t much different from the Israelites.  God’s son arrived around 2,000 years ago.  He preached, died for our sins, resurrected, and ascended leaving us with a promise that he would one day return.

Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Emmanuel shall come to thee, o Israel.