To respond correctly to God’s generosity, to be able to give thanks to our Lord we need to understand three things: our real condition, His character, and the gift He has given us.

Psalm 124 adds a new dimension to our call to enjoy His generosity : we are called to give thanks… together.

Yep, His children are called to live life together, in communion with Him and with one another.

A problem, right?

Some of us will react with enthusiasm, when told there is a community component to our thanksgiving. Yes, some of us thrive when in company of others.

And then, there is the rest of us. Give us a good book over a social gathering, any time. We like to be alone, and we do our best work in solitude.


Community is that polarizing.




I really believe that even those of use who love the idea of investing life together, will be quick to admit that it’s a challenge, at best, and a real pain in the neck, at worst.




The problem is our sin. Yes, our sin can stain even something as attractive and needed as life together. Many times, we exchange the idea of community, as presented in Scripture, for our own idea of what it should be like. Often, when we say we like community, what we really mean is that we want others to accept our own cultural standards.


Psalm 124 gives us an idea of what real community is about. And, I’m sorry to say, it’s not about authenticity, honesty, or being vulnerable. All that helps, but that’s not the foundation. And all that can be affected by our sin.

When giving thanks together, when responding to His generosity in communion with others, we

… serve as reminders to one another of what our real condition is

… have an opportunity to behave like Jesus for others

… must point others to the way He is, to His character.


Remember. Practice. Point. The desire and ability to do these things can only come from a heart that bows before Jesus Christ. When my heart bows before Christ, and when your heart bows before Him, then you and I are really in communion. Nothing can come between us.

This, beloved, are elements of real community.


For you to consider.

What are some of the things we have added to the real definition of community?

How could we pursue communion, this week?



Gracia & Paz


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