The main goal for Study Group The Person & The Work of Christ is not just to acquire knowledge about Him. Unless this knowledge moves us to desire a deeper, more committed relationship with Him, then it is pretty much useless.

In our last meeting, I asked our students to consider what particular topic, related to His Person or His Work, would they like to know more about. Based on their request, I’d prepared some Scripture reading plans for them to follow. Of course, these readings are in addition to their current reading requirements for this group.


The first two topics are : The Prayers of Jesus, and God’s judgement.


I am very glad by the honest conversation I had with the students requesting these topics. The fact that there is a struggle trying to understand them is an indication, at least for me, of being processed and not only accepted because of anyone’s opinion.


Here are the links to both reading plans:


Prayers Of Jesus

God’s Judgement


As other students propose more topics, more reading plans will be developed, and the links will be posted on our site.


Gracia & Paz