The risk in being loved

God loves his people in a very formal and public way; that is what we learned looking at the covenant He made with Abraham. Starting this coming Sunday, 10/28, we will look at the covenant between God and Moses.

And just like back then, we now face the same risk the people of Israel was confronted with.

And just like back then, the answer reminds the same, to avoid that very risk.

Because we are still struggling with sin, because we are being pulled in so many directions in this life, we have the tendency of lose the perspective of God’s love – it becomes blurry, as we lose the original sense of awe for it.

That is the risk, that we may look at God’s formal and public love for us as something regular, not-amazing.

To avoid this risk, we must ask for His help to remember that He is God, and that there is nothing ordinary about Him. The text for our sermon is Exodus 19:18-20. Look at how verse 19 ends.

… Moses spoke, and (AI)God answered him in thunder.

Do you see the contrast? Something as simple as speaking is described in a very different way between us and Him; He speaks in thunder!

What expressions of our sin are taking the awe away from the relationship God establish with his people?

In what ways could He intervene to remind us of His majesty, of His holiness?

How could a sense of awe for God, and his love for his people, affects daily life?


Lets talk about those questions.


Gracia & Paz