One of the most important questions that we, as humble followers of Christ, must answer constantly is this : How should we live, now? If we believe that our LORD invaded human history more than 2000 years ago with His Incarnation, and we are really expecting the advent of His Second Coming, then those two events should have a significant impact in what we do, daily.


Daniel chapter 7 reminds us that we live in between those two events. It also serves as an encouragement, by presenting the truth that this is not home.

And that, beloved, is so easy to forget.


We either get too comfortable with what the here and now has to offer, or we get discourage by thinking that there is nothing else but this reality. We forget, many times for what we can seriously consider good reasons, that eternity is marching inexorably toward us.

What are good reasons?






Pain & Suffering.


By giving us specifics in terms of human history in Daniel, our God is telling us that His promises can be verified. He talks to us in terms we can not only understand, but in ways we can corroborate what He is saying.

In other words, He is telling us to be alert, to look for the evidence of His work all around us.


What are we to do, then? How do we live in the in-between? Lets bring a confrontation. Lets confront the reality of our situation with the reality of His Second Coming. That will give us the right perspective to engage in this life.

That confrontation will also bring up any idols we may be hold on to. It may show the things / persons we would miss, if the LORD were to come today.


After this difficult (very!) self-analysis, our next step should be repentance, and a request asking our LORD to provide encouragement and support, while we wait for Him to come once again.


Gracia & Paz