MdeCFor many, it is a surprise that we dedicate time during our worship service to eat, drink, and have conversations with one another. We call this our Table of Fellowship, and it is really nothing new in the life of a Christian community.

The Table of Fellowship has two purposes. The first one is to remind us of the unity we have with our Lord, and with one another. In this regard, the TofF points to the reality that comes later, in the worship service, namely the Sacrament of Holy Communion. It is a time for everyone to express support and encouragement for one another. This can be done by simple chatting, enjoying some food, and even by praying together.

Soon, the elders present at our congregation will use this time to pray for those in need, specially for those who may be ill or sick.

We would like to encourage everyone to participate in the TofF, by bringing something to eat and / or drink that would be shared with the rest of our church. You can bring anything, really. You can buy it or prepare it yourself. You can bring any amount, small or large, to be shared. The important thing is that you use this opportunity to be a blessing and of edification for someone else.

To avoid being in a rush Sunday morning, it’s better if you get ready for the Table of Fellowship on Saturday evening. You could also use this time to prepare your heart by praying for our worship service, specially for those leading, and for our visitors.