bible_blurry_2“Muesta A Cristo” (“Show Us Christ”) may not make sense at first…

We might think, “It’s so slow.”  It seems like a feelings song… it has no fun beat, no engaging tempo.  But, can we ask… if our worship is dependent on the music, is it really worship?

We might think, “It’s not about me.”  It’s hard to own this song and sing it from our hearts if we don’t agree that we are in desperate need… spiritually blind, dead, hateful, and wicked apart from God.  But the path to joy begins with knowing how needy we are.

We might think, “I already know about Jesus.”  Spiritual maturity is not getting beyond Christ.  It is learning to see every situation with Christ and to live it through Christ.

We might think, “I’m hanging on by my fingernails… I don’t have the emotional energy to pray for others to know Jesus, too.”  True, part of this song is not just about us… it looks outward.  If that’s hard, then just keep looking at Jesus and at His heart for you, and ask Him to help you see others as He does.

Don’t let shallow or deceptive desires dictate the way you approach this song.  God has put a deeper desire in you for the lasting joy of knowing Him.  So make this song a prayer…

“Muestra a Cristo” / “Show Us Christ”

Rompe el duro suelo en mí, Ayúdame a creer
My heart is like hard ground, break it up; help me believe

Muestra a Cristo, Revela oh Dios Tu gloria, A través de Tu verdad
Show us Christ, oh God, reveal Your glory through your truth


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“Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.”

Psalm 119:18

Luke 24:27

Gal 2:20

Php 3:7-11

How about you?

Are any of the attitudes above easy for you to relate to?

How can you make this song a prayer, even if it’s just part of the song?