Comments for the sermon of Sunday, 12/09.

The One we are waiting for is victorious.

Revelation 19:11-16

It is very easy to lose the perspective of life, either because of what we are suffering or because of what we are enjoying.

If we are suffering we may thing that everything is lost, that there is no real hope for us. But Scripture reminds us that He is coming to bring justice, and to finish the work He has already started.

Unfortunately, suffering has the side effect of giving us a distorted idea of our own participation in the suffering of others around us; suffering makes us think we are the innocent victim, with no one to defend us. That is not always the case.

If we are enjoying blessings and peace, we have the tendency to forget about the war that rages around us. With our heart satisfied, we may wonder about the need for Jesus Christ to come back. We may not opposed the idea completely, but the necessity of it may scape our understanding and desire.

The One we are waiting for is victorious because that is the way He always is. The titles used to describe Him are not new, they are not a last minute selection made to impress the audience.

He wants to remind us to keep the right perspective: Life is a pain, with all its suffering and short-lived joys, but He is victorious.

And, if He is victorious… How should we, then, live this life?

Gracia & Paz