Today, at our prayer meeting, we will be looking at Philippians 4 as the foundation for our prayers of thanksgiving & adoration, repentance & confession, and intersession.

The main question for the evening will be related to the way God is, to his character and nature. What is about Him that surprises you the most?


In this chapter of Philippians, we can find great things that Paul is not only doing, but is asking us to imitate. And at some point, because life comes crashing down on us, we may be tempted to say, Yeah! You can do that, Paul, but me? I have issues, here.

That is the reason, I believe, he starts with the declaration of verse 5,

(H)The Lord is at hand;


That the Almighty is that accessible to me, at all times, is the most amazing thing about His character. That shows his commitment to support me, for his honor and glory.

So, tonight, as we pray I will give thanks for His continuing presence and involvement in my life. I will ask for forgiveness, because I forget that really way to easily.  And I will ask Him to allow my congregation, the men I am serving, and their families to know that He is that close to us.



I hope you can join us in prayer.


Gracia & Paz