Pastor Randy Pope ( said, at a gathering of church planters in North Georgia, that regardless of the size of a church, each congregation must be a signature church. This means that the health of a church is related to the unique roll God has called such a church, in the context of His Church Universal.

So, what makes Christos Community a signature church? Are we a signature church? After some time to consider this question, I came to the conclusion that yes, we are a signature church. And this is not due to anything related to the church planter, or his family. It is a clear display of God’s power, mercy, and love. I strongly believe that Christos Community is a signature church because of these three things:

  1. We have / enjoy a culture of grace.
  2. We strive to be a home and a mission.
  3. We promote passion & community.

In future posts, I’ll like to talk a little bit about each one of these elements, and how they relate to our mission,

To see, enjoy, and share the beauty of Jesus Christ in diversity.