christoscommunityWhen getting to know some one, it helps a whole lot to know what that person values. This is also true for an organization, a community, or a group of individuals.

This is the first in a series of posts that will cover, briefly, what we value at Christos Community, with the idea that you, our reader, may get to know us better. If you have been participating with us, in worship or engaged in any of our Connecting Points, Small Communities, or Study Groups this series will help you to understand better why we do the things we do.

Let us start at the beginning; let us talk about a great risk and opportunities to see.

A great risk.

Ours is a culturally diverse and bilingual congregation. And I’m the first one to tell you it’s not an easy endeavor. While trying to fulfill our call (We exist to see, enjoy, and share the Beauty of Jesus Christ in cultural diversity), we face real challenges. Fear, misunderstandings, wrong cultural assumptions, pride (or false humility), and discipleship approaches foreign to our context are obstacles we must constantly deal with.

In other words, we are at a great risk of offend and being offended

And being a culturally diverse congregation not only makes this risk very real, but it also makes it very difficult to hide.

If there us such a risk… Why should we insist in doing ministry this way?

Believe me, there is a very, very good reason for that.


It’s easier to see.

This day and age being culturally diverse is

  • Politically correct
  • Cool
  • Lo que esta de moda
  • Trendy, edgy

None of those is the reason we do it. We are pursuing our call in a culturally diverse setting, because in this context it is easier to see God in action.

And something happens to the human heart, when it is allowed to see the beauty of Jesus Christ.

Something amazing happens.

It gets transformed.

There is only one reason our hearts are allowed such a privilege : It’s because of God’s grace.

Because of His grace, our God can restore all kind of hearts. And He does. With His intervention, using His grace to redeem all human cultures, our God makes it clear that there is no other explanation for how well our congregation is doing. It’s all because of Him. It’s all about Him. It’s all for His own glory.

Does it work? Is it for real? Let me tell you, it does and it is. I have seen it. I have seen it when people…

… confess their new awareness of God’s mercy, and their need for His grace
… step out of their own culture, for the benefit of others
… joyfully worship God in a language that is not their own
… is willing to struggle and feel uncomfortable, if that will help others to also experience God’s love
… start living considering eternity more and more, at the same time that they remain engaged in this life


For a congregation, a cultural diverse environment is very risky. But it’s also a great way to see God in action in a way that leaves no other explanation : His grace is enough.

That’s why we value it.


What’s next.

Then, our first value is God’s grace. This is the foundation for the value that follows, which is community. Without His grace, we will never be able to have a real, healthy, vibrant community.


To See, Enjoy, and Share the Beauty of Jesus Christ in cultural diversity.