In the last part of his epistle, James is reminding us that the fact that Jesus Christ is at hand, must move us into action. Since we are heaven-bound, we must be earth-engaged. And in the final section of chapter 5, the inspired writer puts this action in the context of… community!

The general indication at the beginning of this section (If suffering, pray. If happy, praise) is an indication that our whole life must point to God. Then, we gives more specifics about facing life: call the elders, confess to one another, take care of the wanderer. You cannot do any of these things, unless you are part of the communion of saints.

And powering all this activity is the prayer of the righteous person,

James 5:16 …The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.

But you and I know that we are far from being righteous, right? Righteous is not a description we apply to ourselves often. Nevertheless, the Bible does call us righteous. So, where does this righteousness come, if it is not naturally present in us?